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When I found Dr. Jen, my precious Chihuahua had many health issues and her treating veterinarian had given her 8 months to live.  Not willing to give up on my sweet ChiChi, I looked for a different approach and found Dr. Jen.  When all other vets gave up on my girl, Dr. Jen treated her with Chinese herbs, laser treatments and acupuncture.  She not only brilliantly helped my little girl, she helped me with her compassion and strength


I found Dr. Jen to be the most caring and compassionate veterinarian I’ve ever met.  She thought outside the box when no one else was willing to do so.  Dr. Jen gave me five amazing years with my little girl when other vets washed their hands.  She is truly an incredible vet as well as a beautiful person.

Kristine Gromacki

Mom of ChiChi

Jen is THE BEST!!!  She’s smart as a whip, extremely thorough and very well versed in both ancient holistic treatments as well as new cutting edge treatments.  And she is kind and compassionate beyond description, caring deeply about the well being of your pet.  She will fight with everything she’s got to get your baby back in balance and thriving.  She’s a rare find, wonderful in every way, and I am so very grateful to her for looking after my beloved pups. 

Patricia Inman

Mom of Walter, Emma, and Opal