Better Pet Health


Raw food benefits

One of the best and most important ways to prevent disease and keep your pet healthy is with a species appropriate diet.  Raw food diets for cats and dogs offer several benefits.  They closely mirror the evolutionary diet of their ancestors.  Dogs and cats are carnivores, and their digestive system can digest and assimilate raw meats, organs, and bones.  Dogs can handle more vegetables and grains in their diet if needed compared to cats who are true carnivores and should only ingest minimal vegetables and absolutely no grains.  Raw foods are higher in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals than cooked foods.  There are many benefits to feeding a raw diet but one that delights parents the most is better breath and smaller, less foul-smelling stools.  There are several commercially available raw food diets on the market that are complete and balanced.  They come frozen, freeze dried or air dried.

If you are not excited about feeding your pet a raw diet, cooked diets are the next best thing.  You get to control the ingredient selection and sourcing, eliminating genetically modified foods.  Fresh, whole foods provide higher levels of nutrients than processed commercial foods and those nutrients are more bioavailable than those contained in processed commercial foods.  Fresh whole foods are more species-appropriate than commercial foods, especially kibble.  Would you like to eat chicken crackers for every meal?

We can discuss which food options would be the most beneficial for your pet during my visit with you.