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Lasers and Photonic Light Therapy

Laser Therapy

Therapeutic lasers are used to treat inflammation anywhere in the body but most often they are used to help with pain from arthritis.  The laser I decided to use in my practice is a Class 1 Multi Radiance ActiVet Pro.  Most lasers used in veterinary medicine are high powered Class 4 lasers that require protective eye goggles and can produce unwanted heat.  The ActiVet Pro is Class 1 and therefore does not require protective goggles or produce heat.  It uses super pulsed laser at 905nm, pulsed broadband infrared at 860nm, pulsed non-coherent narrowband red at 660nm, and pulsing non-coherent narrowband blue light at 465nm which has the amazing capability to treat skin infections like MRSA.  Please see the product flyers for more information.

We can discuss which treatment option is the best for your pet over the phone or at our first visit.

Photonic light therapy sounds like “Star Trek” medicine — something out of the future that seems too far-fetched to exist in today’s world. However, quantum healing with near infrared light photons is a reality today and is poised to become an essential technology in medical practice for years to come.  Scientists believe that the mechanism of action of photonic stimulation is related to its ability to excite electrons within the energy producing mitochondria of cells in injured tissues.

This process is thought to enable these cells to increase their production of ATP, the energy currency of our cells, and thereby stimulating the return of more normal cellular physiology.  I am using the Firefly Photonic Stimulator by Bales Scientific.  It uses infrared mosaic arrays of high output power infrared energy over a relatively large treatment area. They are safe because their energy output falls off rapidly with treatment distance.  It can emit a blue array, infrared array and a red array or any combination of the three.